Artist: Christian Wittman
Album: Music for Unknown Worlds I II III

Released: 30 April 2022
14 July 2022
5 October 2022
Label: self-released

Music for Unknown Worlds I Music for Unknown Worlds II Music for Unknown Worlds III
Christian Wittman speaks in timeless, celestial statements about our place in Totality. His Music for Unknown Worlds I, II & III seems to be asking us to consider the furthest reaches of space, as much as it wants us to examine what is happening right inside our own thoughts. So extraterrestrial are these three releases that the more careful members of this audience may hear the night sky filling their listening area. In these moments of sonic wonder a little of mankind's awareness shows itself. Moving our minds in the familiar outward direction of the best Kosmische Musik Wittman conveys a restless invention. His immunity to harmony, melody and rhythm allows these albums to exemplify the truest expression through pure manipulations of sound. With the delirious, doomed Universe as his subject, ideas condense out of the mental cloud to form music. The thrill of their provocation, the unpredictability and undeniable daring exercise many an aural eccentricity. Teeming with potent indeterminacies, intimate dimensions emerge in nocturnal glamour and untamed tonal beauty. Infused with such enthusiasm Music for Unknown Worlds I II III delivers Electronic Music that stays with you long after its play has concluded. Further in, otherworldly synth emanations, like gravel wrapped in velvet, transform into smooth timbral textures - dwindling from atmospheric heights and establishing an ever-evolving spatial scale. Yet, human moments do seep into this music of machines. A real, if exhausted tenderness carries forward this high enterprise. Yielding to emotional currents within, Wittman ultimately conveys a tender sensitivity. His work, like his reasoning, is always in motion. From the quietly anguished, to the outsider's sense of longing and abandon, his thinking is too dreamlike to be described - and so he makes music to transmit his beliefs.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   26 January 2023

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