Artist: Free System Projekt
Album: Narrow Lane

Released: 15 November 2008
Label: FSP Records

Narrow Lane
Among the factors influencing the aural space created at a Free System Projekt concert is the venue. The physical setting as well as the caliber and size of the audience all figure into the strange equation that produces a live show. Narrow Lane (78'20") presents recordings of two epic length live Spacemusic excursions. Traveling through nothingness to nowhere the music of FSP creates a liminal space - a threshold area neither here nor there. Electronically generated drones materialize and become animated by the classic sound of Mellotron strings and flutes. The textures generated shroud these works in an atmosphere of stillness and mystery. With the emergence of spinning sequencer tones, the energy level rises several levels. These sprawling lines, running parallel to one another, are fantastically simple in their construction but endlessly complex in effect. Cycling patterns echo and syncopate, and whirl by as on classics like Ricochet and Departure From the Northern Wasteland. But there is a calm within the storm. The appeal of this music is in its exotic otherness. Its ever-changing destination is linked to the mood, talent and craft of the performers - who take us with them on a journey to their creative center.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 December 2008

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