Artist: Tosca
Album: No Hassle

Released: 27 April 2009
Label: !K7

No Hassle Tosca
Tosca reminds us that there is a place for the Ambient and Atmospheric in the Contemporary Music world. Their CD No Hassle (59'31") possesses enough stylish elements from the Martini bar and laid back charm of the Chillout room for their music to be appreciated in both. Creating an intimate party music, Tosca (the duo of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber) has found a magic mix of sampled and live instruments, Trip Hop grooves and beatless forms - all activating beneath a cerebral vibe and fashionably cool attitude. With electronic accents and digital pads providing texture, rounded and subdued rhythm loops change slightly in a cool Minimalism. On one track female vocals remind us of the world outside, but never intrudes on the sultry mood and easy going attitude of the aptly named No Hassle. An additional CD accompanies this release and contains over an hour of new and re-worked live pieces. The experience flows from beginning to end like a dreamy soundscape, slowing down amidst elegant piano interludes then ramping up in vivid Lounge style. It is in turns lovely and dreamy, catchy and kinetic and ultimately intelligent and innovative. Dorfmeister and Huber helped define the Downtempo genre, and continue to impress with their work as Tosca - negotiating the musical middle ground between Hip-Hop and Ambient Music.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   6 January 2010

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