Artist: Sync24
Album: Ominous

Released: 24 September 2018
Label: Leftfield

Ominous Daniel Segerstad
Haunted by the doomed power of the human race Daniel Segerstad narrates from the present. Recording as Sync24 his album Ominous (47'27") emanates from EM's forgotten corner of today. Whether it is drifting off in cool deep blackness, or teetering on the verge of being too much, this is a work telling our story, and getting back to the sonic vocabulary of being alive. The most essential facet of Ominous is its seductive grooves and propelling rhythms. Building track after track Segerstad conveys an understated determination of the intangible patterns and forces from the world around him. As layered modulated details mingle with luxuriously sweeping pads, strokes of full-blooded melodies and shimmering effects ascend as sparks alongside calm, slowing beats. The music vibrates with life and energy, yet it feels becalmed and pristine - like there is a cold implacable force running beneath the lighter currents. Taken together the eight compositions found on Ominous form a constellation of ideas, and reveal unexpected connections. From the floating cloud of the sacred, to the hard center of the profane, this creative universe has a tilt to it. But for now, the dreamlike electric warmth felt throughout Ominous must remain just beyond our reach.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   24 January 2019

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