Artist: Javi Canovas
Album: One More Day, One Day Less

Released: 19 April 2017
Label: self-released

One More Day, One Day Less Javi Canovas
What of us carries into the future? Is there anything of it within us right now? Through his music, Javi Canovas searches forward and back, and inward. One More Day, One Day Less (65'01") conveys the full force of living outside of time - in the enthralling space of the imagination. Penetrating, permeated with psychological intensity, this album draws the listener to the play and shades of their interior. Like a wave of electricity sweeping across the brain, One More Day, One Day Less captures the momentum of a moving storm. Swirling flurries of tones cycle and echo in precise, tightly arranged pulsations. In a painstaking technique of repetition and variation, the lines of synchronized sequencer notes twist and turn, rise and fall, lighten and darken, as they progress forward, or at times change course - further deepening the mystery. Yet, all the while these potent realizations remain heading steadily toward their destination. Surrounded by diagonals of darkness, patterns ring out in a light filled space. In this exaggerated scale the spiraling dramatic movement and brilliant electronic colors feel relentless, and exhilarating. The four tracks of One More Day, One Day Less show a capacity for slow and solemn rhythmic development, each climbing to a powerful climax. As one is drawn into a musical experience of larger proportions, we find this favorite form used to great effect. Lustrous chord banks, like towering walls of clouds, emerge to cushion the kaleidoscopic electronic advance. Each piece concludes in simplicity of form, with a sense of stillness, and the decent and deadly imposed order of unconsciousness. It may be that Canovas' work is just an everyday trace of his pursuit of the now. But, life's distractions are never permanent - and if everything is already in the past, then that is where most of our lives are. One More Day, One Day Less is an excellent reminder.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   7 September 2017

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