Artists: Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
Album: Outland

Released: 16 April 2021
Label: DiN

Outland Markus Reuter & Ian Boddy
On their Outland (40:38) Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter offer another celebration of the imagination, as no two other musicians can. Both stars prove marvelous to listen to through this Spacemusic LP adventure. In episodic tumult we make our way across the three tracks per side (six in total) - delivering us deftly to the destination of all great albums. A blending of two minds, talents and vision this release is executed with gripping precision. From the desolate and starkly beautiful opening, the energy rises in building sequencer runs. Above this propulsive and exciting scene we become riveted by Reuter's liquid lead lines. Channeling his rock roots into uninhibited runs of incandescent notes, he haunts our hearts - as only a tale told in sound can. Still smoldering, Reuter's limber lead lines resolve into a zone of tenderness, as clean plucked steel strings announce a more subtle, intimate zone. In a display of laid-back, self-possessed coolness, Boddy meets the guitar with the conviction of his gliding euphonic narratives. Baring his heart in exquisite expressions a sliding sonic story reaches out along a glissando ribbon - until the swell of synthesizers again washes over us. A roiling drone flows in a chilled engine-room undercurrent, beneath the gauzy glow of reverberant ringing tones. Through this duo's rare melodic dexterity we learn their secrets. Consistently able to make works in a style that is personal to themselves, while delivering an enjoyable sonic impact to their audience, Outland provides an exceptionally satisfying experience. As this brilliant journey closes, we seem to be left forever wandering between the winds - a zone where the dreams are poetic artifacts of minds fully lit up by music.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   15 April 2021

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