Artist: Robert Rich + Ian Boddy
Album: Outpost

Label: D i N

Outpost Ian Boddy + Robert Rich
Outpost is the first effort to come out of the intriguing collaboration between Robert Rich and Ian Boddy. At first learning of this album, one might imagine what could possibly proceed from such a pairing - Rich, the ethno-surrealistic soundscape innovator and sleep concert scholar; meeting Boddy, the 21st century purveyor of intelligent EM by way of progressive synth-music. The result is quite unexpected.

Among Outpost's more indentifiable elements are its reverb enshrouded flute, glissando guitar and "prepared" piano. But the sonic arrangements involved in this project and the resulting aural fantasies are the album's most compelling aspect. At the core of Outpost are the unique rhythms and tone patterns Rich created through modular synth manipulations and Boddy's ingenuous modulations, sonic textures and eerie atmospheres. According to Rich, "I think it sounds quite different from either of our solo work, but obviously people will recognize our individual styles and sounds". Boddy adds, "It just turned out the way it did due to the two of us interacting musically".

This album is best experienced at night - the dead of night. Throughout its 59 minutes, Outpost presents ten tracks on a graidient that slopes gradually between contrasts; sliding from desolate and lonely vibrations to rhythmic flutters in high relief and back again into the convoluted murkiness. Outpost allows these two brilliant sound designers to intertwine their talent and craft to create an album of rolling contour, shifting between dark and ominous moods. This album has character and will definately be of interest to those who enjoy contemplating the mysteries of sonic invention and how the artist uses this means to convey a pervading sense of uncertainty.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   11 April 2002

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