Artist: Chronotope Project
Album: Ovum

Released: 4 August 2017
Label: Spotted Peccary

Ovum Jeffrey Ericson Allen
The intention of most Ambient Music is to serve the listener by not calling attention to itself. But Jeffrey Ericson Allen cannot help himself. The opening track of Ovum (50'56"), his excellent album of seven sonic, electro-acoustic journeys, confronts us blithely with the soft command, "Come along with me". Recording under the name Chronotope Project, he offers a dual musical reality. Ovum engages, as soulful flute, cello and synth melodies enliven the mind and draws our thoughts along soft rows of ordered notes. Yet further in it entices us to chill in plush sonic reverie. But these are not rival systems competing for our attention. The swirling dramatic movement and vivid color of the glad active tracks compliment well the more elemental, simplified and somber pieces. Noting its twists and turns as it progresses forward and at times changes course this album may go wide as well as deep. In simplicity of form we feel a sense of stillness, and an underlying darkness. In a brighter realm, sparkling sequencer chimes echo and ring through a velvet void. Celestial lead lines arise, flutter and touch, only to recede back to the star system from whence they came. For a more gradual sense of discovery we extend down into slow motion dreamscapes of electronic motion and atmospheric textures. From minimal zones within which to find your own reality, to this work's forthright production and engaging song-craft, we find these two realms are connected by an invisible line. In this arc of safety Ovum is a balm to our brittle substance. As with all good music, it is a portal to your better self.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 September 2017

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