Artist: Paul Ellis
Album: Panoramas 1

Released: 10 July 2021
Label: Groove Unlimited

Panoramas 1 Paul Ellis
Paul Ellis has never confined his work to one medium or one space. With his Panoramas 1 (62'33") he returns to the genre of Electronic Music and its quest to penetrate the cosmic darkness. In a direct connection to the most elemental part of the listener this work generates drama through sheer sound. Like a comet heading for a distant star Panoramas 1 spends most of its energy searching. The deeply felt interior resonances of its two long tracks were, not really composed, but rather they seem discovered. As a thousand dreams gently burn, chill currents suggest a scene, and create a mood. Passing the limits of known forces we fall through space. Tones collide and combine. Even when chords move in contrary motion Ellis soon somehow finds accord. The timbre of his expressions are fascinating - of such shades lush and tender their beauty feels electric. Each section comes at us in a ramble of cello, a pursuit of melody, a duress of atmosphere. The musical language is lulling and languid, but as the disc nears its conclusion Panoramas 1 moves into a more energetic zone in an arcane, wandering way unique to this artist. Even as Ellis navigates a vista of sequencer patterns and keyboard leads, we become even more anchored to the intensity of this singular synthetic voice. Serving as an entry point, such elliptical exploration is just the beginning of a three part CD set. The music on this introductory, wide-ranging album delivers a treasury of moods and atmospheres. Both faint and muted, then inspiring and uplifting in scope, we wait for unity, and then meaning in the message it will convey.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 September 2021

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