Artist: Thomas Fanger
Album: Parlez-vous Electronique?

Released: 2005
Label: Manikin

Parlez-vous Electronique?
Thomas Fanger brings his exquisite sensibility to bear on Parlez-vous Electronique? (77'23"), his first solo release. The contrasting tonalities and fascinating interplay of sequencer patterns prove a compelling foundation for his melodically pure lead lines and harmonic motifs. The works are enlivened by Mellotron themes, warm pads and shimmering cosmic effects as intertwining patterns of synth tones race with each other across a galactic ocean of emptiness. The complex and detailed electronic rhythms build and then unravel as a unique space surrounds the listener. This album resembles the classics as Fanger summons the spirit of electronic invention to realize nine tracks drawn from the influential foundation of German Spacemusic. Working to his strengths, on Parlez-vous Electronique? Fanger does not merely re-create, but rather re-imagines the originals, and his compositions gain their power through a fascinating combination of the old with the new.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 December 2006

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