Artist: Timescape
Album: Passage of Time

Released: September 2010
Label: self-released

Passage of Time Timescape
The interior human landscape was once solely the province of literature. These days this realm is shared with artists in electronic sound. A distinctive group of musicians are realizing works that inhabit the mind as fully as, but somewhat differently than, writers have in the past. Equal to the likes of Rudy Adrian, Kevin Kendle, Craig Padilla, Palancar and Jonn Serrie is the duo Timescape. Their CD Passage of Time (64'21") moves wonderfully between the gently harmonious and atmospheric atonality. An ethereal slow dance of tones, this album portrays an infinite sense of something unfolding. Timescape (Tony Andersen & Kent Eskildsen) crafts an intriguing still subtle space that is sustained over a significant amount of time. The effect is wonderful for the listener - as we slowly sweep across a vast panorama of spacey sounds, growling drones and breathing synthetic chords. The opening strains of Passage of Time is dominated by an ethereal Mellotron choir - which melts away into a rolling expanse of organ tones mixed with wispy cosmic swirls of sound. Dramatic and layered this music sustains its moods and states before gently moving between them - drawing us easily into its center. Passage of Time casts such a strong spell that it feels as if the world outside has ceased to exist - as we drift on an invisible sea of ideas.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   28 October 2010

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