Artist: Forrest Fang
Album: Phantoms

Released: 28 July 2009
Label: Projekt

Phantoms Forrest Fang
From out of the atmospheric backwaters of the World Music genre flows the fascinating soundworlds of Forrest Fang. His work combines native flutes, eastern strings and exotic percussion with synthesizers and digital processing to produce a music for our world but not entirely of it. His CD Phantoms (70'10") opens up and explores a minimalistic region of music where expressions are made through the gradual motion of textures and timbres - all churning beneath cavernous reverberation. Phantoms' eight tracks move between static drones and metallic cross-modulations to the tumultuous soundscapes of nocturnal ambience - where rhythms seem based more in ancient ceremonies than in computer software. Exceptional in its dark hued subtlety this work transports the listener to a cyber-jungle nowhereland. Alternating between the dreamy and the experimental, the primitive and the futuristic, this music conjures up an imaginary environment ruled by mythic lost tribes, technology and the vast continent of Forrest Fang's dark vision.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 July 2009

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