Artist: Cymphonic
Album: Phonema Sacrata

Released: 2006
Label: dataObscura

Phonema Sacrata
The eight small tracks on Phonema Sacrata (53'17") by Cymphonic do not stimulate the edges of the listener's ears the way long-form pieces do, but rather they open outward in the mind. This music stimulates every part of the brain, and may provide a bit of reprogramming - it absolutely does inspire abstract thoughts. Swinging wider than most, the work hangs together in a sort of dream-state narrative. A mesmerizing mix of original electronic sounds, recurring evocative themes, dreamy rhythms, grainy samples and unique pacing, Phonema Sacrata is an imagination finding form in music. It is a work inhabiting its own territory. Seeming to deal with the sleeper and his access to other worlds, Cymphonic develops a brilliantly shaped hallucinatory landscape. The transitions between tracks are masterful and the work evokes a strange new place at each turn. This album provides a fascinating ambient encounter. The most challenging part is in returning to the reality the listening experience transports us away from.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 December 2006

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