Artist: Juta Takahashi
Album: Pleochroism

Released: 31 December 2019
Label: Neotantra

Pleochroism Juta Takahashi
Juta Takahashi is strong enough to dream. In his music we do not re-locate, but rather we de-locate. The CD Pleochroism (62'06") strengthens our hearts, as it stills our minds. Its music resides outside worldly realms - allowing us to step easily into sustaining zones of cerebral contemplation. As whispering synthesizers drift into silence, we find each of this album's four electronic hymns to be a study in harmonic contrasts. Under a cloud cover of digital reverberation string triads sound out in the way moonlight sometimes shimmers. Beams of music, refracted through the spirit of the player, swirl elegantly throughout the sound space. Weightless notes bloom across a range of color and mass - in a process understood only on their own terms. Chords drift, slip and lift in a sweet reverie - as softer sounds prevail and coax the night to stay a few moments longer. Fitting easily into the New Age or Ambient Music categories, Pleochroism is a lush counterpoint to the lesser works of these classes. Each track seems to expand continuously over its duration - flowing gently through a range of sculpted textures and sustained moods. Pastoral and silvery then dark and dense, these slowly shifting realizations open up space then fill it with sound - as deep sonic pleasures lead to reassuring calm. In a time most concerned with the mastery of the world out there, listeners to Pleochroism may transcend the day-to-day - and find contentment dwelling in the universe found in here - within ourselves.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END - 6 February 2020

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