Artist: Triple S
Album: Poles

Released: 27 October 2011
Label: Pleasure Sound

It has drums, bass and guitar, but it is not a rock album... loads of synth pads and sequences, though can not be classified as Spacemusic. It possesses a cinematic verve, yet it is not a soundtrack. But Poles (71'52"), the debut CD by Triple S, should not be defined by what it is not. Erik Seifert, Josef Steinbuechel and Max Schiefele are the three creative spirits making up Triple S, and are producing some of the most wonderful upbeat instrumental music this side of classic Mike Oldfield. Imagining a band influenced by in equal parts the music of Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd and Erik Wollo would bring us close to what we have in Triple S. Poles is their concept album inspired and grounded by the ominous territory covered by Ernest Shackleton. The attention to detail is impressive. The eight sophisticated truth-seeking songs each establish an intriguing mood. From still and atmospheric up to full-on Prog-based anthems, the music is helplessly harmonic - but for the field recordings of thunderous ice fractures and blowing polar winds. Even with the persistently lyrical flow of its stormy guitars Poles will be mistaken for a synthesizer album. The sleek surface of this production superbly integrates Schiefele's exceptional guitar work into Seifert's and Steinbuechel's elaborate electronic architecture. While most of the tracks on Poles may be too active for the STAR'S END format, Triple S will never apologize for complexity in their music - believing that elite listeners will want to spend time in this musical world.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   15 December 2011

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