Artists: Various
Album: Portals: A Kosmische Journey through Outer Worlds and Inner Space

Released: 2 June 2020
Label: Behind the Sky Music

Portals: A Kosmische Journey through Outer Worlds and Inner Space
Portals: A Kosmische Journey through Outer Worlds and Inner Space (77'41") presents 13 tracks by a range of potent artists in electronic sound. With each generating its own hot-wired intensity these works originate at the wall outlet, but play out in the head. Charging the hidden activity of our minds with a dreamy forward motion each musician provides a wonderful jaunt across a kinetic synthetic terrain. Maybe a good place to begin this review is with the extensive inventory of gear, which is listed within the 70s retro album art and graphic design. Flaunting Mellotrons, modern and vintage synths, all manner of modular synthesizer systems (either custom built or store bought), and other powered tools - this inquiry will surely invite endless analysis and debate. So it should suffice to say that the true electricity running this music is flowing fast through the veins and brains of the musicians involved. Portals presents realizations by dreamers and builders like Ian Boddy, James Bernard and Steve Roach, right alongside the beat machine energy of Listening Center, Pleasure Corporation and Nigel Mullaney. When the searching sequencer meditations of Tungsten Mountain, Steve Moore and Lisa Bella Donna motor up, coiling surges nest inside long unwinding passages - where we can feel the light and heat of the creative current. In drifting moods at cosmic heights In the Branches + Bluetech and Polypores feel as immense as the heavens, while d'Voxx and Johnny Woods hold forth in the sonic schoolyard with a grounded questing optimism. Portals will certainly fulfill the audience's appetite for energetic Spacemusic, as we will eagerly be seeking out the next installment in this well-done anthology series. Yet, let us consider also that a good compilation album will indeed present good music, but can function on a higher level as a statement beyond the genre - proclaiming that the power of this music is greater than that of the individual maker. The subject is connection, both electrical and human - which may mean that even in this dark world of ours there is still salvation to be found in each other.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   28 May 2020

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