Artist: The Marsen Jules Trio
Album: Presence Acousmatique

Released: 1 July 2013
Label: Oktaf

Presence Acousmatique The Marsen Jules Trio
Martin Juhls is the often-recorded and well-released Ambient musician known as Marsen Jules. He also heads The Marsen Jules Trio, an ensemble of players known for live sessions of improvised chamber realizations. The six works on Présence Acousmatique (55'22") are organized by understated compositional principles. These beautiful arrangements of gentle gravity are performed on conventional instruments and software and combine the idea of Ambient Music with the sophisticated sensibilities of the classical ensemble and impromptu musical creation. In addition to his restrained live-sampling Juhls also contributes bowed and brushed percussion as well as singing wineglasses. Anwar Alam (piano) and Jan-Philipp Alam (violins) along with guest Roger Döring (saxophone) are more storytellers than they are musicians. Their probing playing leads the listener on mesmerizing detours - creating mysterious aural realms for us to decipher. Time feels slowed down as sonic meditations wondrously arise out of the interaction between the players, the tones their instruments emanate and a fragile sense of the ceremonial. Throughout Présence Acousmatique Juhls and his trio keep the atmosphere deliberate, sedated and reserved. But even in its slowest passages this album does not drag so much as radiate thoughtful reverence. Doleful thematic workings move with slowness as the trio carefully strides toward quiet musical contemplation. Through a unique intuition they leave enough room not only for one another, but for silence as well. Their shy solemn songs make for a gorgeous journey into the wistful.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 August 2013

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