Artist: White Rainbow
Album: Prism of Eternal Now

Released: 1 October 2007
Label: Kranky

Prism of Eternal Now
What would it sound like if Franco Falsini was involved with "Sombre Reptiles"? Probably like the opening track on Prism of Eternal Now (71'14") by White Rainbow. The filtered fuzz guitar playing over modulating bass riff, percussion runs and falsetto chants all pulse with the energy of space-rock - but of course it is White Rainbow (a.k.a. Adam Forkner) channeling this energy (and adding quite a bit of his own). Beyond this rousing beginning the album embarks on a trek deep into the experimental wilderness - where an intuitive sense of composition and pacing across a range of approaches and textures is revealed. Guitar sounds are pitch shifted up, pitched down, and pitch twisted until their origins are some distance from their original context. This method is imbued with a serenity that invites the listener to regard the work not as a collection of unique sounds, but as an emerging technological ceremony. With both the formed and the formless vying for space, this release finds a balance between the space age, the new age and the laptop rage; think Loscil meets Fripp & Eno in a tribute to Terry Riley. Prism of Eternal Now is made up of nine daring tracks that equally reflect the 21st century, and shows what someone can do with a guitar, some effects devices and an endless sonic imagination.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   29 November 2007

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