Artist: Javi Canovas
Album: Psychedelic Voyage

Released: October 2012
Label: Neu Harmony

Psychedelic Voyage
As digital and computer based synthesizers replace texture with gloss, many current music makers seek out classic analog styled instruments to attain a warmth or hopeful nostalgic cast to their music. Synthesist and guitarist Javi Canovas seems to understand this practice as evidenced by his album Psychedelic Voyage (67'31"). To some this album's core idea may seem from a bygone age, but others will recognize its central thinking as eternal. This work contains a respectful range of tones, timbres, subject matter and forms - and makes wonderful things happen inside the mind of the listener. As musically generated ideas bounce and ricochet off one another alien modulations loom and then dissipate. Synth strings add stately beauty even as full-bodied lead lines unfurl in a billowing ribbon of melody. Containing four tracks, three with lengthy propulsive sequencer workouts, Psychedelic Voyage benefits from Canovas' perpetual and meticulous adjustment to sound. The engine-room patterns thicken and brighten in echoing syncopation as the rush of warp drive overtakes the listening experience. Javi Canovas embraces Spacemusic as the only language able to contain his aspirations of creativity. As with all great music, once it is out in the air we are just its temporary holders.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   20 December 2012

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