Artist: Chad Hoefler
Album: Quiet Glow

Released: 6 January 2006
Label: Lotuspike

Quiet Glow
Chad Hoefler explores the impressive range of moods and atmospheres capable with electronic sound. Quiet Glow (63'26") consists of eight tracks which seem more like night thoughts than composed works. The pieces are spacious and open, and seemingly empty moments are filled with tranquil beauty. The smoother works develop over time with ominous drones depicting an overcast scene, soon brightened by wispy harmonious synth chords. Scattered throughout the playlist, curious rhythms bounce and echo in dream-like slow motion. Each of Hoefler's pieces possess a sophisticated and uncluttered sonic motion. Even more interesting is the subtle movement between bright and dark ambience. Hoefler is operating under the reciprocal influences of creativity and technology. His music is internally expansive, fully occupying the bounds of the listener's mind and approximating its many nuanced states.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   1 March 2006

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