Artist: Kevin Keller
Album: Santiago's Dream

Released: 5 September 2006
Label: Kevin Keller Music

Santiago's Dream
It would seem that there is no place for the listener to hide in Santiago's Dream (51'08"). Kevin Keller's blend of New Age, Jazz, Classical and even the gentler side of Prog-Rock fills the listening space with varied and intricate conversations for piano, cello and synthesized sound. Although one can drift away somewhat during the slower movements, it is better to remain engaged. Keller composes and plays at a very personal level. This album is more than just a study of counterpoint and harmony or the pushing around of rows of notes. The complex task here is for Keller to make his music sound easily played. His polished performances reveal genuine emotional content as Santiago's Dream moves between a number of sincere moods. From somber elegance to playful luxuriousness and energized dramatics, Keller presents eight distinctive and accessible pieces. At the center of this album is Keller's wonderful piano playing, which is augmented by the warm cello solos of Meena Cho and compounded by acoustic guitar samples and ornamental electronics. The overall effect is that of a refuge as this work creates an alternate beautiful space, one without the ironies or difficulties of reality.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   29 November 2006

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