Artist: Evan Bartholomew
Album: Secret Entries into Darkness

Released: 29 January 2008
Label: Somnia Sound

Secret Entries into Darkness
Evan Bartholomew deserves compliments in three essential aspects of his work. On the CD Secret Entries into Darkness (55'39") he creates an interesting range of original sounds, arranges them so as to evoke a palpable atmosphere, then energizes the work with a series of ever-evolving rhythmic scenarios. Bartholomew is also great at pacing. His techno inspired pattern-pulses are a slowburning process of discovery, and become more seductive the more they unwind. Leading us down that dark road into tomorrow, Bartholomew benefits from the absence of a recognized process. This album brims with engaging beats and dramatic shifts in tone, yet somehow remains uncomplicated and uncluttered. Captivating, the sound is easy to identify, but difficult to define. Unafraid to be unfaithful, the originals fade away - and we tune into Bartholomew's meditative wavelength.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 February 2008

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