Artist: Palancar
Album: Shani

Released: 24 September 2015
Label: Emergent Worlds

Palancar understands that sound itself is a vehicle for meaning. Known as Darrell Burgan outside of music, Palancar realizes works which explore the mysteries of the solar system as much as they do the internal workings of the human spirit. His CD Shani (72'15") presents 10 cosmic sonic observations. As diffuse sounds appear against a larger background, tones rub and scrape in a tumultuous aural collage. Synthesized textures flicker lightly across the surface, or burrow deep within it - momentarily coming sharply into focus, or all but disappear. Other compositions are riven by tempest, simultaneously fearful while manifesting the divine. Yet, much of Shani offers a subdued palette of gentle harmonies and spacey sounds - calming, and evocative of the sweeping grandeur of The Universe. Palancar performs his secret ministry in an Electronic Music studio, but instead of hearing the white heat of technology, we find the cool reaches of the outer planets. Our night-time hero quietly shines, assuredly battling the extreme silences of space. While this album may seem quite dreamy and impressionistic, its other goal is to banish brain clutter and promote mental clarity in the listener. Shani's introspective atmosphere is sure to fill a quiet mind, and still a stormy one.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   10 December 2015

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