Artists: Ian Boddy & David Wright
Album: Shifting Sands

Released: 26 September 2009
Label: AD Music

Shifting Sands
Ian Boddy & David Wright, two of England's most renowned Electronic Musicians, have at last combined forces. Their CD Shifting Sands (62'35") contains five elegant and energetic collaborative pieces. Meticulously arranged, this album expands and recedes along a curving band of ever-evolving rhythm. Entwined with percussive Electro-riffs synchronized sequencer patterns dance in synch beneath hovering eminent melodies. Both share the gift of lyrical playing. Wright, with his warm, easy-going lines and Boddy, blending a questioning delicacy before full-blooded passion, provide as many memorable melodies as any well-known classic by Vangelis or Kitaro. Each also brings to this project a wonderful appreciation of synthesized sound. From life-like piano samples and rounded synth voices to strange modulations and celestial effects, their work possesses a rich sonic character. Two personalities are clearly at work in this music - each with its own expressive sensibility and raw musical talent. Working together Boddy & Wright exhibit a stylish understanding and refined communicative flair. Their work Shifting Sands captures like few others the feeling of moving through a golden moment and knowing it.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   26 November 2009

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