Artist: Paul Vnuk Jr
Album: Silence Speaks in Shadow

Label: Hypnos

Silence Speaks in Shadow
If you ponder for too long the meaning of the album title Silence Speaks in Shadow, the listener will surely fail to have the musical encounter intended by author Paul Vnuk Jr. The concept behind this prolonged ambient stasis is to think about everything but the spinning disc and allow the mind to wander and to wonder... freely. Vnuk facilitates this through the placement of sparse synth pads over recordings of street sounds during a thunderstorm, a skilled combination of pacing, harmony and the relaxing properties of rain on rooftops. The moments prior to slipping into sleep are reassurred with the kind of calm that only one of those sudden summer showers can bring.

Silence Speaks in Shadow is one in a growing number of releases in this field - so its design will be familiar, yet the experience remains as pleasing as watching raindrops splashing or storm clouds rolling. This album is a fitting beginning on a drift out to the fringes of consciousness, through the mist of memory and into the embrace of night. Vnuk's soundscape provides us with a sonic foundation upon which to build our own unique ambient experience.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   29 January 2002

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