Artist: Combs Creek Haller
Album: The Singularity

Released: 6 February 2010
Label: Earth Mantra

The Singularity
Combs Creek Haller form an uneasy unity. This trio has realized a mesmerizing and well-imagined work in The Singularity, a double album of improvised electronic jams. Reducing music to its most basic form they attempt pure contact with the universe. Broken down to its constituent elements, then reconstructed as sound collage, this Spacemusic engages the mind to the great mystery of the cosmos - a source larger than us all. Each of the two compositions spend their lengthy opening sections presenting a nearly atonal soundscape. Evoking a transcendent state of mind this ensemble breathes beautiful synth textures into space. A drone, over which the musicians are in constant dialogue, runs beneath swirling modulation effects and ascendant forms, and provides the impression of breaking through from the material world to interstellar space. Tones fold inward along a slow sweeping arc as resonant harmonic clouds expand and recede. Well into this void a sequence pattern rises and is joined by commanding lead lines and vaporous sustaining chords in minor keys. Ultimately listeners will contemplate this work as a record of a unique live performance - where three musicians have come together under a profound intuition. The Singularity is a statement so rich in sonic pleasures, its inevitable slight trips and slips are forgiven - and proves that it is better that musicians dare too much than too little.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 March 2010

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