Artist: A Produce
Album: Smile On The Void

Label: Hypnos

Smile On The Void A Produce
Night and Sleep usually travel together and are paramours to those who stave off rest until day. Sensual and encompassing, Night falls like a velvet cape, exposing the moon, planets and stars in the darkened sky. Seductive and comforting, Sleep gently conquers, uncovering the dreams and ambitions of the unconscious mind. Smile On The Void is A Produce's aural impression of the relationship between humans and the many stages and conditions of sleep.

Both ingenious as a representation of the natural states of slumber and as an interesting soundtrack to such, Smile On The Void uses intricate rhythms, clear harmonies, hybrid percussion and deliberate pacing to deliver its message and have its effect. Big chords rising over the pulse pattern of the title track serve as a preamble to the journey inward. The slow melodies and steady drive of "I Woke Up Dreaming" convey the fleeting remnants of a dream quickly fading. The dense textures and dark tones of "Night Curve" slowly burn and evaporate into a cloud stirred by unconscious visions. Used as a soundscape for dreaming, Smile On The Void is an excellent constant in an uncontrolled experiment. As a sonic treatment, it is a significant source for any investigation into the moods and levels of sleep.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   24 May 2001