Artist: Fanger + Kersten
Album: Splashdown

Label: Manakin

Fanger + Kersten must've been relaxing poolside while the debate over whether spacemusic deals with outer space or inner space raged on in internet chatrooms and email discussion groups. On their album Splashdown, the duo pays no attention to either of these two propositions and takes their concept back to the ocean, leading the listener on an extra-terrestrial water related odyssey of epic proportions.

The energy level of the music is always positive and can swell quite high. Ever evolving analogue rhythms propel the music as enigmatic electronic textures and chords wash over us. A synth choir drifts in with the gentle dynamics of the evening tide as we imagine the deep blue/green of a rolling underwater realm. Songs and movements crossfade easily from one wave to the next and often the music leads us to some distant horizon. This music comes in the wake of the Berlin school, but Fanger + Kersten have weighed anchor and set sail from the coastline. They've made the music their own and Splashdown an enjoyable and fulfilling listening experience.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   30 May 2001