Artist: Chuck van Zyl
Album: Star's End

Released: 12 November 2016
Label: Synkronos Music

Star's End Chuck van Zyl
Star's End features a full recording of Chuck van Zyl's on-air radio performance of 3 July 1987. This concert was van Zyl's first solo outing, and this recording presents every moment, including several mis-steps, as well as the unmistakable energy of a novice at the outset of a decades long endeavor into Spacemusic.

Regarding this early work from the perspective of a seasoned veteran, Chuck van Zyl has found greater understanding of his current state. The 20 years that followed the 1987 release of Star's End found him involved in collaborative musical projects, realizing only a handful of solo endeavors. Present-day reflections have made clear the methodical development of the powerhouse concerts and substantial solo releases he is enjoying today.

The track Re-Entry (28:29) was meant to convey transit from the floating realm above Earth's atmosphere, the fiery fall through its gaseous layers, culminating in a safe reception back on the planet surface. From its portentous opening, to the mid-section's building drama, and a calm close, this piece manages to generate the mystery-machine character of classic Spacemusic.

With The Night Remembers What the Day Forgets (22:32), the mood slows and warms somewhat. Its gradual ascent gives way to tender melodies above skipping sequencer patterns. Synth strings radiate light, then darken in minor key tones - all in accord with the dynamics of a thoughtful mind.

Concluding our journey is Untitled (4:36), a minimal, breathing drone piece. A studio creation, initially meant to simply fill out Side B of the original C60 audio cassette, this subtle work seems to offer an absorbing space of repose - within which the listener may better comprehend the maelstrom of the preceding live passages.

Originally released on audio cassette in 1987, Star's End has now received modern mastering audio treatments, resulting in better fidelity. A second-run of Star's End was in response to the online demand created during its brief first-run availability during the Chuck van Zyl appearance at The Gatherings Concert Series on 12 November 2016.

- From the Press Release   12 November 2016

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