Artist: Telomere
Album: The Stellar Sea

Released: November 2007
Label: Evenfall

The Stellar Sea
Chris MacDonald has the great ability to make old ingredients new. Working under the name Telomere, his music grows more sophisticated with each new release. The Stellar Sea (55'41") is a beautiful series of eight electronic tone poems that show their influence - Planetary Unfolding, Angelic Music, Rainbow Dome Musick - and cut their own path as well. The music contains no discernable rhythms, yet is in constant motion. Layers of synthesizer pads brighten then turn dark, just as harmonies climb and recede. Out of this detailed and fluid movement of sound arises a wonderful sustained atmosphere. According to MacDonald, "...the listener is free to build their own journey with the guidance of the music, rather than merely receiving the single, literal message of the composer". MacDoanld's works are expansive, created in a spirit reflecting the true nature of the cosmos, " me outer space, inner space, the oceans and forests and all the life they contain, and even the space inside our minds are all somehow associated and related and they all make sense in the context of space music". The Stellar Sea is music encrypted in our being, and becomes more absorbing the longer it goes on.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   13 February 2008

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