Artist: Jason Sloan
Album: Still

Label: Slobor Media

Still Jason Sloan
i do believe that when an artist is involved in any part of their creative process they are part of the composition. this interaction doesn't always need to be witnessed by an audience. it's this interaction with the work that actually becomes the ritual and charges the work. - Jason Sloan

Music is a significant element in the creation of the "complete environment" multi-media artist Jason Sloan seeks in his installation work. Increasingly, the sound aspect of these works is taking on a life of its own - as witnessed by the release of several CD titles. Most notable of these "portable environments" is his 2003 album Still (63'48"). Presenting five tracks of floating, ethereal and soothing soundscapes, Still eschews rhythm and melody to focus on harmony and texture. The music is beautiful and harmonious and slips through the listening space with the evanescence and lubricity of cloud fronts colliding. The music sighs plaintivley as forms plangently advance and gently recede - lulling the listener towards an inner quietude. Sloan is interested in spirituality, transcendence and the empty space waiting to be filled up. His chosen mode of musical expression, one with very nearly no traditional vantage points or landmarks from where to obtain one's bearings, leaves the listener to the workings of their own imagination to energize (to give meaning to) the work.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   31 July 2003

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