Artist: Nelson Foltz + Tom Lynn
Album: Still Life volume three

Released: 2 September 2007
Label: Stillsounds

Still Life 3
Still Life volume three (43'43") by Nelson Foltz + Tom Lynn blurs the borders between eastern drone, jazz and ambient music. One piece in three movements, Still Life sustains a mood of uneasy calm throughout its slow course. Murmuring drones resonate and howl against each other as a subtle rhythm gently propels this work. A probing lead melody mingles with then emerges out of the dronescape. With the quality of a muted horn the notes blow and snake through a dream of ancient rites, modern omens, and extant hope. Stepping out of the endless cycle of time as a voice from the now, the playing is lost in a sense of the present. Foltz + Lynn realize their music as they play it live, and are entirely taken over by the experience. Their Still Life series has risen out of a continual need for self-discovery - as they stumble around in the dark of themselves.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   13 September 2007

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