Artist: Steve Hauschildt
Album: Strands

Released: 28 October 2016
Label: Kranky Records

Strands Steve Hauschildt
Strands (42'40") by Steve Hauschildt may trigger cognitive processes. It is a sonic passageway to thoughts and ideas... to a place where there is no there. In this quietly enigmatic interaction stark tones and strong textures depict a minimally defined landscape. As repeating untroubled chords invite a sensorial and contemplative engagement, we feel the energizing brightness of this music. Where the softer pieces touch the border of the New Age, an Escherian lattice of echoing sequencer patterns soon propels Strands from the rare quiet into a syncopated dream machine realm. With each passing track, Hauschildt offers us a different inspiration. Through these eight electronic works we move mechanically charged, then curiously nervous - harmonically assured, soon after in darkness brooding - on a pad of synthetic tones, to rest among reverberant piano notes. Strands is an array of pleasing forces. Hauschildt is heady in a way most other musicians of his generation do not dare to be. With Strands he has developed a work that transfers the listener from physical reality to an imaginary realm of open, luminous space - under the timeless transporting spell of Spacemusic.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   12 January 2017

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