Artist: Ian Boddy
Album: Strange Attractors

Released: January 2012
Label: DiN/DDL

Strange Attractors Ian Boddy
Some musical careers are noted for their velocity - a quick rise, and then? Ian Boddy's career is noted for its longevity - as, after a few decades, he remains a creative constant on the world-wide Electronic Music scene. For many years now Boddy has been making significant music both in concert and in the studio. His DiN record label continues to release albums by Boddy solo, in collaboration and by other emerging and deserving artists - and all of this activity sees no sign of wear or slowing down. His solo live album Strange Attractors (75'28") is yet another excellent realization in the evolution of a distinctive musical language. With an inclination toward linear narrative structures Boddy avoids the standard tropes of Spacemusic. His mechanized sound realms offer cyclical phasing sequencer patterns that expand, contract and shift in most interesting and imaginative ways. Lead melodies wind their way confidently in the midst of a tumultuous struggle between musical keys. Lush synthesizer fills follow intricately rendered grooves and rhythms, dramatically modulating high and low. There is also present an amazing range of interludes made up of meticulously constructed abstract sounds and designs. An ominous electricity charges the opening moments of Strange Attractors. For those waiting for something to happen, please listen - something wonderful is happening. Sounds from an otherworldly plane move the mood to a darker realm on what seems like a tour through the musician's subconscious. Thick drones seethe in sonic motion while reverberant flute tones connect us to an earlier era. The energy level rises and falls as Boddy's compositions blend one into the next, moving the listener from floating atonal zones into more detailed and energized arrangements. The main body of Strange Attractors resolves in a building ethereal choir - the moment of understanding. The shared reaction of the live performance brings out much in a musician - and has over the years lead Ian Boddy to develop an indelible musical voice that is unmistakably his own. So let us not take for granted a musician who has been so good for so long. One of the most creative spirits of his generation Ian Boddy is definitely going someplace, and this music is the only way he knows of to get there.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   26 January 2012

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