Artist: Richard Bone
Album: Sudden Departure

Released: 16 September 2008
Label: Quirkworks

The recorded works of Richard Bone reflect many musical moods. His albums of electronic sounds cross between styles, blurring the boundaries as he passes. The CD Sudden Departure (55'40") rests contentedly in an area still being defined. With its highly structured arrangements for synthesizers, many of the tracks on this release share the refinement and elegance of the ambient chamber music of Tim Story. More than computer-generated classical ensemble, these warm and calming compositions exist somewhere between the narratives of neo-classicism and the atmospherics of film soundtracks. From elegiac testament and dreamy cloud lounging, the 11 compact tracks extend upward with easy rhythms that leisurely lope across a dramatic panorama. These few more upbeat pieces possess a poise and serenity reminiscent of those by Erik Wøllo. This striking release defines and defies everything we expect from Richard Bone. Sudden Departure resides in a lovely sound-world parallel to classical, ambient and new age - fulfilling Bone's hidden aspiration.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 December 2008

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