Artist: John Christian
Album: Susbarbatus

Released: 2 November 2009
Label: Self-Released

John Christian Susbarbatus
Gaining the attention of the Spacemusic community in the trio AirSculpture, John Christian and his bandmates tested areas of sound and music that they would never have entered into on their own. Their epic concerts and recordings are realized through a collaborative process based equally on the creative tension between the three musicians, musical intuition and the inter-connectedness of this close-knit group. The CD Susbarbatus (49'45") is Christian's expression alone. Producing a solo CD after spending so many years in the context of a group allows this synthesist to bring works into the world that align with his vision exactly. Thinking in terms of time, the six tracks span much less of it than those of the often sprawling AirSculpture. Each composition develops in a determined fashion. With sequencers running in high gear while full-throated keyboard leads sing their heroic lines Christian manages to create a precise and familiar synth music. He also makes good use of his equipment's sound generating capabilities. In the collage sections, where a sustaining sonic atmosphere arises, animation is achieved through fascinating changes in timbre and texture. Susbarbatus shows Christian exhibiting his range as a musician and composer - in the midst of an ascending evolution.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 January 2010

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