Artist: Justin Vanderberg
Album: Synthetic Memories

Released: 8 November 2011
Label: Spotted Peccary

Synthetic Memories
Synthetic Memories (64'49") casts such a strong spell that while listening to it the world outside may seem to go away. On this his second CD Justin Vanderberg continues to explore his musical vision. Synthetic Memories possesses the drama of works by Patrick O'Hearn along with the thoughtful textural atmosphere found on many Steve Roach albums, yet Vanderberg manages to forge his own distinctive authorial voice. The opening track sets an interesting tone. With its breathing drones and tribal drumming we settle in for an interesting and diverse aural adventure. Evenly spaced notes form lilting heady melodies while gentle sequencer progressions and hymn-like harmonies move each piece at an observable pace. The eight tracks on Synthetic Memories lead us each to our own personal vague mental picture - all the while impressing us with their polished sonic values. From synthetic grandiosity to cerebral reflection this music dances delicately on the line between new age and spacemusic. This work has lasting reverberations.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   17 November 2011

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