Artist: Maitreya
Album: Telluric Waves

Label: Council of Nine

Telluric Waves
Telluric Waves (55'32") is an esthetic declaration conceived through a genre steeped in neutrality. Maitreya (a.k.a. Simon Lomax) is an artist in electronic sound who, through Ambient Music, expresses a personal global intuition. His work possesses a sense of sonic depth and universal scale while exhibiting a remarkably lucid grasp of texture. The eight tracks on Telluric Waves are vaporous shivering fragments of the artist's earthen vision. Wind-swept tundral planes, reverberant crystal caverns, drifting cloud-motion and the rising gloom of night are themes which dwell and shift throughout the listening space. This work of smooth synthesizer swells, vague modulations, eerie detuned drones and tender tonal harmonic blends works as well at the fringes of sleep as it does under involved listening. A mystery, more wondrous than fearsome, Telluric Waves is a memory of the future. The concept of this album goes beyond Ambient Music's typical quiet prison of the mind; and on to that of comprehending the interconnectivity of life and of what unites us with something more vast.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   16 January 2004