Artist: Peter G. Brown
Album:Ten Years of Dust

Released: 20 May 2011
Label: Slobor Media

Ten Years of Dust
Somewhere between New Age, Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental and Spacemusic lies Ten Years of Dust (58'01") by Peter G. Brown. While its inviting melodies, evocative atmosphere and perfect concords provide an illuminating encounter, shade occasionally touches the bright tones of this work - and the mood may turn dark and uncertain at any time. Each of the 14 superb tracks conjure up its very own distinctive mood and feeling, yet the overall sense of this music remains unified. Reverberant piano plays across an undulating plane of breathing synthesizer chords as resonant notes ascend along lovely keyboard scales. Unique sounds rise, converge and separate along a gradual linear course. Ethereal voices on one track, rumbling and churning drones on another, there is even an acoustic guitar - this smart album is as lovely as it is interesting. Brown's talent for pacing, contrasting calm against cloudy and arranging pleasant harmonies out of just the right kinds of sounds is what makes Ten Years of Dust a cut above the rest.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 June 2011

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