Artist: Kubusschnitt
Album: The Core

Label: self-released
Released: 4 February 2022

The Core
The Core (68'19") by Kubusschnitt is a huge, wild invitation to extend your imagination. Its symbolism is complicated. Somewhere in the astronomical precision of this rousing machine-music are the spirits of three musicians. Andy Bloyce, Tom Coppens and Ruud Heij reveal their identity across four tracks of synthesized brilliance. Reminding us of the infinity within, The Core looks back in spirit to the time of the Berlin-School of EM. Belonging to an electronic world where sounds do not have a tellurian analog, their music touches the unprobed regions of the mind. Boundless and scenic, synth leads track melodic lines above a motoring sequencer mystery. The pulsing of midrange notes echo in locked-in tone patterns. Minimalist cycling, running at the speed of thought, draws the listener ever inward. Flights of strings rush, hover and fade into desolation - covered by an arresting undercurrent of murmuring drones. In the end, the informed listener will realize that they are emerging out of a soundscape that is just as much alive as they are - but in a totally different way. If you go towards this realm with an open heart and an honest reverence, you will be impressed with what it can reveal. The Core, and music of its like, has a complex relationship with the future - because there, somewhere ahead, is from where it seems to emanate. At its most potent, this music is an exploration of identity - that of the listener and musician alike. When heard well, its mystery never leaves you.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   24 February 2022

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