Artist: Terra Ambient
Album: The Darker Space

Label: Space For Music

The Darker Space
The realm of Atmospheric/Tribal/Ambient music continues to develop as an open-ended form of expression. With the release of The Darker Space, Terra Ambient (a.k.a. Jeff Kowal) embarks on his own personal sonic journey, exploring a range of sound and energy - tone and mood. From ambient grooves to Forth World dreamscapes, the arc of this fantasy for computer and synths recedes and expands as the music wanders over a shadowy and often intense sonic terrain. Kowal programs the rubbery pulse rhythms of "Under Dirt X" and "To The Brink And Back" as well as he delivers the warm harmonies and peaceful tint of "First Light On Ayer's Rock". The album resolves with the conflicted drones and churning tide of "Amaria", the gloomy closing track; and we are ultimately left in silence to ponder the greater meaning of this music. The inspiration for The Darker Space extends beyond mode and technology; the album's somber tone speaks of a deserved reverance towards the Earth and the fragility of its systems.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   7 August 2002

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