Artist: Jonn Serrie
Album: Thousand Star

Released: 26 January 2010
Label: New World Music

Jonn Serrie Thousand Star
Fans of Spacemusic have been in the thrall of Jonn Serrie's music for over 25 years. His work has always been a form of exploration, of rocketing into the unknown alone - headed for those unmarked areas on the star chart. The CD Thousand Star (69'25") is a captivating, often glorious listening experience. Fully and effectively imagined, this album opens up a warm and beautiful space then moves slowly through it, taking time to take in the grandeur. Rounded string pads extend above the dramatic rumbling of stardrive engines - pushing the listener further towards the center of this sonic universe. A solar wind gently rushes past, stirring up metallic glitter along its way as analogue synthesizers breathe light filled ethereal tones. With its celestial choirs, growling pads and delicate atmospheres, the seven compositions on Thousand Star contain a fair amount of cosmic drama. In a few areas the sequencers kick in and the listener is treated to a delightful acceleration in energy - but not enough to disturb the contemplative and expansive nature of this album. Serrie's music may sound like it belongs among the stars, yet we are always discovering the best parts of his works within ourselves.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 January 2010

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