Artist: Radio Masacre International
Album: Time & Motion

Released: January 2010
Label: Cuneiform

Time & Motion RMI
For Radio Massacre International playing concerts is about being seen, about projecting themselves to an audience. Their studio album Time & Motion re-imagines this chemistry, with it flowing in just one direction - outward. Taking the freedom to do what they please, RMI uses the finite time limits of this double disc set to fine tune their cosmic excursions down to more earthly proportions. While the band continues to conjure atmosphere and create mood, here RMI gives each piece a slightly tighter arrangement and a deep dramatic sweep. With sequencers chugging along beneath liquid guitar solos and percussion bumping and popping between electronic glitter, RMI manages to transfer a few degrees of their fever to the listener. The varied use of Mellotron brings an ethereal texture to their sound just as easily as it may add well-defined lead melodies. They also continue experiments in reducing the music down to its most basic forms. There are sections on Time & Motion where tonality recedes and narrative diminishes to a dream state level - one where the surreal ideas of the sub-conscious dominate. The only aspect of music that cannot be taught is intuition and the dark spaces that RMI explore are created in this pristine spirit. The members of this group share an exuberance for discovery. The intimacy of making their work and imagining its potential in the world is exhilarating. Randomness breads addiction - in that something reliable will be taken for granted. For RMI their music making is a ritual that is new every time - and it is the possibility of repeating an amazing sonic experience that keeps them coming back for more.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 February 2010

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