Artist: Marconi Union
Album: Tokyo

Released: 27 July 2009
Label: Bine Music

Tokyo Marconi Union
Asking, "Where are these guys coming from?" is always a good musical question, but with Marconi Union, "Where are they going?" might be more appropriate. Their CD Tokyo (39'59") seems born of post-rock dance music, yet its digital atmospheres and cerebral beats point to a cool hi-fi cyberworld still in our future. Rhythms hiss and spark above a softly throbbing bass pulse as clicks, pops and digital detritus circulate amidst steamy drones and static pads. As the seven songs roll by, held back with sparsely scored harmonies, the music explores a range of forms and variations. Synthetic sounds mingle with guitar and organ while mangled samples coalesce into patterns producing a select set of darkened musical colors. Tokyo is a mesmeric and magical album - almost a map of moods. Subtly adventurous, Marconi Union's swirling somber music seduces the listener with its unique musical language - leaving its essential mystery intact.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   17 September 2009

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