Artist: Redshift
Album: Turning Towards Us

Released: 15 November 2008
Label: Distant Sun

Turning Towards Us Redshift
The works of Redshift have always been about the exploration of energy. From cosmic quiet to a palpable sense of propulsion, this ensemble communicates an inexhaustible joy in the possibilities of sound. Their CD Turning Towards Us (55'01") is more than a room-shaking exploration of sonic properties. The compositions are fascinating, mysterious and even dangerous at times. The restlessly creative constant of Redshift is electronic musician Mark Shreeve. Channeling the dark imaginings of his series of more rock-influenced albums (Assassin [1984], Legion [1985], Crash Head [1988]), Shreeve summons such dark rapture in strident, propulsive rhythms and armor-plated lead melodies. With a one-way ticket to midnight there is no way to escape the power of this music. However, a humanity does emerge from the abstract engulfing blur of the subdued, contemplative passages - in hopes of deepening us by extending our feelings. Turning Towards Us closes with the title track, a transporting musical fantasy full of crystalline sequencer patterns, angelic choir and rumbling bass runs. The current of sound builds, recedes, then jumps dramatically to the redline. Resolving into an adagio of synthesizer string pads and Mellotron flute song, the now transpired piece seems to blend into one moment. But the music transcends its details. Always an aural adventure, the listener feels immersed in Redshift's space, as opposed to just pondering it from some distance outside.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   4 February 2009

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