Artist: Sans Serif
Album: Unbound

Released: 10 May 2011
Label: Projekt

Unbound Forrest Fang
Sans Serif is the name under which World Ambient multi-instrumentalist Forrest Fang releases his Minimalist inspired music. The five compositions on Unbound (57'23") each explore a distinctive atmosphere. With their gradually shifting timbral planes, slowly falling contours and steady permutations between light and dark sounds, the pieces occupy space much like cloud cover in an ever-changing overcast sky. Without the well-defined reference points of melody, harmony or a discernable rhythm, listening is a pure experience - with all narrative or meaning derived entirely by the listener. The primary objective of Unbound is to realize music through variations and changes in texture. With its long tones and metallic soundscapes Sans Sarif generates a work without crescendo, noticeable highs or lows, nor a beginning, middle or end. It may be barely perceived - at the periphery of our attention, or carefully scrutinized. This is Ambient Music at its most absolute.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   30 March 2011

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