Artist: Solar Fields
Album: Until We Meet the Sky

Released: 16 December 2011
Label: Ultimae

Until We Meet the Sky Solar Fields
Please do not disturb Until We Meet the Sky (78'52") once it has begun playing. This excellent album by Solar Fields (a.k.a. Magnus Birgersson) lures the listener so deeply into its sonic state that to interrupt its flow would be a bad break from the beautiful reverie this work leads to. Cycling through light and dark, loud and soft, its 12 tracks are alternately sparse then deliberately cluttered. The opening section proceeds and builds for some time, culminating in the dull throbbing of a churning bass pattern. High above, bright piano notes float in deep reverberation. Once this movement resolves (in whispering synth tones, LP surface noise and the soft squelch of machine banter) the atmosphere rapidly lifts with the introduction of a heavy bass riff and noir drumming. A mood changer for sure, these areas of Until We Meet the Sky are obviously connected to their dancefloor counterparts and stimulate a different part of our mind. A work of delicately calibrated opposites Until We Meet the Sky moves easily between landscapes of ominous rumblings and sustaining synth environments to dramatic digital anthems of fractured beat laden tales. Until We Meet the Sky is a sonic realm vigorously imagined from the often incomprehensibly strange and complex world in which we now live. Solar Fields has realized yet another very warm album of excellent chill music - a delicious brain tickler twisting the musical arc in unexpected ways.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   23 February 2012

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