Artist: Scann-Tec
Album: Unyt

Label: Ultimae
Released: 16 June 2016

Unyt Vladislav Isaev
Just as an engine powers an automobile, and rhythm animates music - technology produces the future. In the coming tomorrows our digital stars will share space with the introspective disciplines - in a better understanding of both the listener's spatial and psychological direction. With the album Unyt (70'01"), Scann-Tec (the Moscow-based producer Vladislav Isaev) seems well on his way there. This work presents ten sonic poems of an imaginary coming time. Throughout its starlight nightflight Unyt has the ability to chill the modern mind, and heat the receptive heart. From its potent electronic sounds, to soft, but sometimes intense, grooves, we may achieve a lilting airborne freedom. Working its way through the miles of circuitry in the mind Unyt features a rhythm dictated by moments, not nanoseconds. This music ticks away neutrally, yet it also flies, then collapses. Beats often equate a sonic action with the measurement of time - but our brain, body and cells seem to experience this music at different rates, in different ways. A lightness of touch produces an atmosphere banished to the margins of consciousness, while through the quick thrills of rhythmic drops and breakdowns we experience the pleasurable sensory effects of sound. Synthetic textures, amidst gritty field recordings, bring a solemn tone to Unyt. We also find acoustic based instruments, meant as an access point for those unfamiliar with the blissed-out territory now being covered. The other reality, which we have lost sight of, sends us messages, which without music and art, we cannot receive. This music offers sonic intrigue, and more. It may lead us inward, on a quest to find the self.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 March 2017

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