Artists: K Leimer
Album: The Useless Lesson

Released: April 2007
Label: Palace of Lights

The Useless Lesson
K Leimer has a nuanced approach to music. His passionate and contemplative attributes may be found on The Useless Lesson (65'32") - an exercise in imaginative and formal invention. There is emotional power within the conventionally structured parts. The instrumental lines move counterpoint to one another with calming sweet tones as the pieces travel along their lovely arc. Beyond these sections our sense of time seems to stretch. Leimer's sonic environments are comprised of layers of slowly evolving sustaining tones. Contrasting sounds and drones are carefully arranged to direct attention inward. Somewhere in the middle of Leimer's timbral symphony, percussion is introduced. With all its velocity, this section plays to the front edge of the listener's senses. The Useless Lesson is somber and elegant, ranging from chamber concert poise to cemetery serene. By combining blurry classical influences with weightless ambient music, Leimer's work creates an atmosphere - the user provides the meaning.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   10 May 2007

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