Artist: Meg Bowles
Album: Voices from the Ethereal Forest

Released: 2 December 2022
Label: Kumantone

Voices from the Ethereal Forest Meg Bowles
Out of a darkling underworld comes a voice of calm. Dreamily from the depths Meg Bowles touches technological wonder as she hymns crescendoing keyboards and indulges the Spacemusic brain. Her Voices from the Ethereal Forest (57'18") provides seven tracks of meticulously layered, dreamily flowing, ambient music. In this aural adventure Bowles warms us in an air of reverence and mystery. Conjuring vibrant vocal tones atop sustaining serenity drones, her arrangements confer the verdant, timeless words of nature. Mingling with stir soft chimes an aura of harmony clings to the ears and whispers in the heart. As searchlight timbres luxuriate in electronic colors, somberly swelling textures tell of a dissonant distance. Above a room filling radiance Voices from the Ethereal Forest floats its diaphanous melody. Echoing through stacks of lustrous sustaining synths a hint of sonic invention beneath the haze of harmonic play compels shadows to hold their breath. While further in, other detours delight the mind along murmuring currents and billowing spells. Layers of sustaining warm notes slowly gather, build into lulling, seemingly infinite moments - only to recede quietly before advancing descendant chords. Drifting and ranging to resounding effect Voices from the Ethereal Forest moves the listener across lush landscapes and bewitching nightscenes. In nurturing our sensitivity to beauty Bowles hopes to build a better world - through the deepening of each listener's cherished, infinitesimal share of The Universe.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 December 2022

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